Looking for a new kind of social network?

Please have a look at the following sites, micro-blogging done right: GNU/Social is a special software that allows for decentralised twitter-like micro-blogging. The following sites use software like this to allow its users to be able to socialize with anyone from any GNU/Social server.

Looking for free Instant Messaging?

Join https://gamingzone.space for free instant messaging with no crap, no spam, and ease of use.

New free service for everyone at https://gamingzone.space! A Retro-Gaming community built around the XMPP protocol.

Why join gamingzone.space?

Mobile clients:

The following is more of where to get apps for your phone and how to configure them.

Install the application and use the following configuration when connecting with those apps:

Server: gamingzone.space

Username: yourusername@gamingzone.space

Password: yourpassword

If for whatever reason you are asked to confirm a certificate, please make sure the cert the application presents you is from Let's Encrypt X3, and is for gamingzone.space.

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