Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies Themed Decks

The idea behind these decks is to use the idea of each perk (hand chosen) and integrate a whole deck built around the ability. The decks are built with a budget in mind so they each cost less than $100/USD at the time of posting. (6:39 PM 3/2/2020 UTC-6)

See below to get an idea of what was built. Comment on Tapped out on what you think of each deck!

Deadshot Daiquiri

This perk is mainly used for weapon recoil reduction and headshot accuracy while using aim-assist. The deck uses haste and flying to deal direct damage to a player. It also integrates instant spells that deal direct damage to target player or creatures.

Link to Deadshot Daiquiri

Double Tap Root Beer

This perk increase the fire rate of weapons in-game. The deck uses Double Strike to emulate this affect (effectively making each creature attack "twice" so to speak). The deck also integrates some spells to buff the creatures for max damage.

Link to Double Tap Root Beer

Electric Cherry

This perk is used to electrocute zombies while reloading. To emulate this affect I mainly chose creatures that have deathtouch. One creature also has lifelink.

Link to Electric Cherry


This perk is used to double the amount of health the player has. This makes it so that a player is knocked after 3-5 hits instead of 2-3 hits. This deck is built around Mortivore and Consuming Aberration. So discarding cards from each player is a must. This effectively buffs the two main cards as much as possible. In a typical modern 60 card rotation, you are looking at a theoretical max power/toughness combination of 119/119.

Link to Juggernog

Quick Revive

This perk is used to increase the speed at which a player can "pickup" or "revive" another player that has been knocked / killed. In single player modes this is effectively another life. This deck is built around the mechanic that allows you to cast creature spells from the graveyard.

Link to Quick Revive

Speed Cola

This perk is used to half the reload time of each weapon you have. (In WaW it also halves the rebuild time for barriers). This deck uses haste and buffs to quickly run your opponent into the ground.

Link to Speed Cola


This perk is mainly used for increasing the sprint time for players. I could have done haste - but that was used with Speed Cola. But another item in MTG that can be increased easily is Life Points. So this deck mainly focuses on Lifelink. Each creature, except one, has Lifelink. Buff enchantments are used here to increase the chance of being able to use Lifelink in a decent way.

Link to Stamin-up