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What is Artemis?

Artemis is a flat-file, markdown based CMS that is the successor to BootWiki. It is lighter, faster, and smaller. Artemis supports HTML, Markdown, and Markdown Extra using Parsedown JavaScript is also supported.



  1. Clone or download this repository
  2. Put all files into your web root on your web server. This can be in a sub directory as well.
  3. Copy config.example.php to config.php (cp config.example.php config.php)
  4. Edit config.php to your liking.

Theme Support

Artemis supports basic Bootstrap 4 themes, a few have been included from bootswatch however, you can make your own so long as it's a self-sustained single bootstrap.css file.

Custom themes can go in the app/theme folder.

Creating new pages

New pages are pretty easy to create. Just make a new file anywhere under app/pages and it is accessible via Artemis. These files may be in sub-folders as well. Pages can be Markdown or HTML and follow a basic layout.

The following displays the bare minimum for a page to function properly:

title = Example
date  = November 2nd, 2019
desc  = Example Page
author = John Smith

## Example Page

This is an example page.

The part of the page in the "---" section is an ini formatted configuration. For now this stores basic information for SEO and for some backend stuff as well.

Pages can also be in sub-folders. If you want to link to a folder instead of a page file, you can use files (formatted the same as normal pages) as if it was an index.html file. See the example app/pages/folder1 folder for how it should look.

Linking to other pages

If you need to link to other pages from another page it should follow the full url for the site instead of just a file path.


[Link 1](


<a href="">Link 1</a>