Looking for a new kind of social network?

Please have a look at the following sites, micro-blogging done right: GNU/Social is a special software that allows for decentralised twitter-like micro-blogging. The following sites use software like this to allow its users to be able to socialize with anyone from any GNU/Social server.

Looking for free Instant Messaging?

Join https://p2px.me for free instant messaging with no crap, no spam, and ease of use.

New free service for everyone at https://p2px.me! A peer-to-peer enthusiast website with GNUSocial as the server software for social networking and XMPP for instant messaging!

Why join p2px.me?

  • Free Social Networking!
  • Free messaging to family and friends!
  • Group Chat!
  • Secure messaging for all!
  • Mobile apps available for on the go messaging!

Mobile clients:

The following is more of where to get apps for your phone and how to configure them.

Install the application and use the following configuration when connecting with those apps:

Server: p2px.me

Username: yourusername@p2px.me (Some client's the username will only be 'username' no @p2px.me)

Password: yourpassword

If asked to confirm a security certificate, please be sure to confirm the following details: Certificate is for the domain 'p2px.me'. It was also issued by Let's Encrypt X3.

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Contact Info:


Popular Projects:


A Raspberry Pi 3 Dashboard & Administration Panel.

More Info


Flat-file content management system built in PHP5+.

More Info


Databaseless PHP5+ Forum software.

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NodeJS Pandora Client (Ad-less, Unlt. Skips!)

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