TurnKey Linux Appliances built by urgero.org

Minimum Requirements (Usually)

For these appliances, most if not all of them can be run with:

HDD 10GB or more
RAM 512MB or more
CPU 1.0GHz Single core or better
Network A 10/100 link. At least one nic or more
Display No traditional GUI's here. So 16MB is a good amount
External Devices At least 1 CD ROM drive required for install (Virtual or Physical)

Build Reports & other misc. download links.

GitHub Repo for Build Reports on these appliances

All appliances listed here are built using TurnKey Linux with their TKLDev Appliance as well as their TKLCore Appliance.


TKL Appliance Description
TKL GNUSocial Decentralized social networking built on PHP.
TKL ntopng High performance network monitoring and analysis.
TKL Nextcloud Dropbox like file hosting for private servers.

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Contact Info:


Popular Projects:


A Raspberry Pi 3 Dashboard & Administration Panel.

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Flat-file content management system built in PHP5+.

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Databaseless PHP5+ Forum software.

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NodeJS Pandora Client (Ad-less, Unlt. Skips!)

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Android Debug Bridge written in NodeJS.

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