Welcome to urgero.org!

My name is Mitchell Urgero - and this is my personal project site.

Here you will find all of my current and/or complete projects. Most are hosted on GitHub ready for you to take a look!

My contact information and more popular projects are to the right (or bottom of page if on Mobile).

List of all my projects

Current list of all projects I am currently working on.


  • xmpp_GS_Auth - Ejabberd 13.1+ module to authenticate with GNUSocial servers.
  • OpenRSD - Web Dashboard for Raspberry Pi SoC's or Debian based Distro's.
  • pivpn-gui - pivpn.io Web Interface.
  • OpenXenWeb - Xen (libvirt) web interface for PHP5+.
  • Media Center Setup - Linux Media Center Tutorial



  • OpenMessage - Open Source XMPP Client for Windows. Written in C#.
  • ChameleonUI - Open Source GNU Social client for Windows 7+.
  • PeerSocial - Open Source DHT based Social Network. written in C#.

PHP / Web Apps

GNU Social / postActiv Plugins

  • TwoFactorAuth - 2FA Plugin for GNU Social / postActiv (Tested by me, but not WRITTEN by me) (Original creator doesn't seem to have an online presence anymore.)
  • QvitterCSS - Theme changer for Qvitter(GNU Social) (Requires admin to supply themes.)
  • QvitterNotify - Browser notifications for Qvitter!
  • XMPP DM's for GNUSocial - As the name explains ;)
  • GNUBot - NodeJS Chatter Bot for GNU/Social instances.
  • Armadillo UI - JQuery/HTML/CSS3 UI for GNU/Social servers.
  • Giphy for GS - Giphy plugin for GNU Social.
  • WordChanger for GS - Content Filter-ish Plugin for GNU Social.
  • FollowExport for GS - Allow's users to export and import their following list in GNU Social.
  • pA Update Checker Update checker for postActiv (Fork of GNUSocial)
  • StaticPages Allow GNUSocial/postActiv to host static web pages written in HTML & markdown
  • AddLinks Add links to Qvitter's sidebar menu.

More Info

Contact Info:


Popular Projects:


A Raspberry Pi 3 Dashboard & Administration Panel.

More Info


Flat-file content management system built in PHP5+.

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Databaseless PHP5+ Forum software.

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NodeJS Pandora Client (Ad-less, Unlt. Skips!)

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