Mitchell Urgero

Professional Geek & Systems Administrator

As a Professional Geek, I strive to learn and experience more in the technolgy field. All my servers run Open Source, Reliable, & Fast projects like Linux, Apache, Ejabberd, & other cool projects.



Open Source Raspberry Pi Service Dashboard

Built on PHP5+, Bootstrap, JS, & HTML. Control your RPi in any web browser! Update software, manage cron, scripts, and configs!


PHP5+ Databaseless Wiki/CMS

Build simple, reliable, quick sites with this flat-file, PHP based Wiki / Content Management System!


Open Source Android Debug Bridge UI

NodeJS, Cross-Platform, Android Debug Bridge User Interface for doing advanced commands, debugging, etc on Android 4.0+ devices.


PHP Single File Class to store Objects in flat files

Store PHP variables and objects in flat files using an advanced JSON-style syntax and MySQL inspired file/folder structure.

Other Projects

RBL Checker ToolCheck your mail server against DNS Black Lists
Mail-In-A-Box Dynamic DNSMail-in-a-Box Dynamic DNS. Allow your users to make sub-domains on your server
SimpleBlogA demo for JSONDatabase - a stupid simple blogging system
Mail-In-A-Box Registration ScriptAllow external users register on your mail server
PandoraJS NodeJS Pandora Client, ad-free, *unlimited skips (careful not to get banned!)
EjabberdGNUSocialEjabberd authentication module to authenticate against GNUSocial accounts
OpenXenWebPHP5+ Web UI to manage Libvirt 1.2.x. This includes KVM/QEMU, Xen, etc.
Samsung Galaxy On5 Debloated ROM[MetroPCS/Cricket](Install Instructions)
pivpn-guiA Web UI for managing clients for

My GNUSocial Plugins

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